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The end of a stressful year is near…

It seems a little surreal that the second year of my program is going to be over by this time next week. I’ll have endured the 7 and 6 class per semester work load, the 12 hour clinical shifts on top of them… I’ll have survived through a year that many students actually fail. Of… Continue reading The end of a stressful year is near…

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Storytime: 51yo Cancer Patient With Life Advice

As you all know, I’m a nursing student with Ryerson University in Toronto. I had a patient this past week that really touched me. She’s quite young and had her stomach totally removed. It’s quite an interesting surgery actually and was especially interesting to watch her swallow barium in an x-ray test to make sure… Continue reading Storytime: 51yo Cancer Patient With Life Advice

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Suicide Prevention: Rundown of SafeTALK

The goal of SafeTALK, in a nutshell, is to help teach people how to be suicide alert. In other words, be able to recognize the signs of potential suicide, how to approach the topic with the person and how to send them in a helpful direction. I won’t share everything little thing with you (since I’ll… Continue reading Suicide Prevention: Rundown of SafeTALK

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Safe Talk & Positive Space

Next week I’m going to a Suicide Prevention workshop, as well as a Postive Space workshop. Here’s what these are about: SafeTalk: Suicide Prevention Training Learn about Suicide prevention and alert mechanisms. Ask questions and enter discussions. Learn clear and practical information on what to do. Practice the TALK steps and conclude with practice in… Continue reading Safe Talk & Positive Space