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Procrastination tips I WISH I followed

I’m horrible when it comes to getting things done when they should be. I ALWAYS have it done by the due date, but to have things perfect, they should be done a few days prior to edit and edit some more.

Here are tips I know in my thick skull, but have a hard time following:

The one touch rule

As soon as you touch something, such as putting laundry away or starting an essay, you should do it right then and there rather than making a note to do it later. This will prevent you from forgetting or constantly pushing it to another day until you run out of time.

Prioritizing your time

Is watching anime more important than writing my essay? I’m going to give that question a big, fat no.

It’s hard to stay focused, which is why you should always be thinking to yourself “can I afford to waste my time on this?”. If watching a show of Aldonah.Zero is going to make you turn your paper in late or have it rushed, you should wait and come back to it. That show isn’t going anywhere, but your grade is if you don’t focus.

Never think, “I have plenty of time”

This is setting yourself up to push your work further back. Instead of thinking you could do it on another day, you should start when it is assigned to you. That way, you can lazily work on it little by little and you’ll have it done without much stress by the time the due date rolls around.

Have a due date for yourself and follow it

It’s important to have goals. For instance, your paper is due the 30th of March, so you want to have your rough copy done a few days before that, such as the 25th, so that you can edit it, get a peer to edit it, ask your teacher plenty of questions and make sure your essay is as amazing as it could be. This applies to any assignment, also.

If you’re lost, don’t give up

Sometimes an assignment can be overwhelmingly stressful. It’s easy in this situation to push it off to tomorrow because you don’t want to deal with it, but remember that this is a bad way of coping with stress. Rather ask a friend the questions you have, consult the rubric and assignment outline, and email your teacher with any questions those two can’t confirm for you. Don’t give up before you’ve even started! You’ll save yourself a lot of time.


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