Personal Diary

Day 15-18 ~ Trip 6

Hi everyone!

Last week we didn’t really do much. It was mostly me doing online summer school work, dealing with some legal stuff, packing for our Orlando trip and figuring out our lives so we wouldn’t forget anything important.

I had to rent a car so we could drive the 201 miles to Universal Studios on Thursday. It’s ridiculously expensive if you are under 25 years old to rent a car here. $10 extra a day for an underage fee. Jeeeezz…. I got the cheapest car and the entire weekend was still like $260… Ouch.
On top of that the car rental company was trying to make me  buy $80 insurance… LOL AFTER I showed them my personal insurance that covers me in whatever car I’m in. Hell no. I literally said to the guy “You have to admit that I’m already getting ripped off here… I have my own insurance and I’m not paying 50 dollars a day for a car” and he kind of stared at me blankly… I stared at him blankly… and then he dropped the 80 dollars.

Driving out of the parking lot I realized that NOBODY IN FLORIDA SIGNALS. It’s infuriating. So many drivers just cut into my lane unexpectedly.

Anyways, the entire week Ger kept telling me how excited he was to go to Universal Studios. It was really super adorable. I was basically bouncing around the entire week, too.

We tried to go to bed early since we had to wake up at 5:30am on Friday to skip traffic and make it early enough to go to the park the whole day but we ended up being bad and packed last minute LOL. Oh well. We still got enough sleep, I think.

Since I’m posting this late, you guys will have already seen a bunch of our pictures from the trip! I hope you enjoyed them ^-^


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