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Safe Talk & Positive Space

Next week I’m going to a Suicide Prevention workshop, as well as a Postive Space workshop. Here’s what these are about:

SafeTalk: Suicide Prevention Training

Learn about Suicide prevention and alert mechanisms. Ask questions and enter discussions. Learn clear and practical information on what to do. Practice the TALK steps and conclude with practice in activating a suicide alert.

Positive Space

The Positive Space program is a college-wide educational initiative intended to increase the visibility and continued development of respectful, supportive, educational and safe spaces for persons questioning their sexual orientation and/or gender identity; for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, two-spirit, Intersex and queer (LGBTQ+) persons and allies.

Participants attending the Positive Space training will learn about sexual and gender diversity and reflect on how to create an environment that is inclusive of LGBTQ+ peoples. The program raises the visibility of LGBTQ+ identities and issues, and encourages participants to develop strategies to challenge harassment and discrimination.


I think these two workshops are really, really important to attend, no matter which program you are in. Any job you ever do will require you to deal with people. If you have anything similar being held at your college/university, I recommend that you attend! It’s important to talk about these subjects and be aware.

Although society is becoming increasingly more accepting of the LGBTQ community, we aren’t quite there yet, and I’d love to have some practical knowledge on how to challenge that kind of discrimination.

I’ll let you guys know how they go, and what I learned next week 🙂


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