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The end of a stressful year is near…

It seems a little surreal that the second year of my program is going to be over by this time next week. I’ll have endured the 7 and 6 class per semester work load, the 12 hour clinical shifts on top of them… I’ll have survived through a year that many students actually fail.

Of course I can reflect back and scold myself for nothing doing as well as I could have. I think that’s pretty normal… ย but ultimately I am proud of myself for getting through this year with decent marks. I know far too many people that have to repeat to be grateful for whatever mark I get in my courses.

I really think this year is designed to make or break you. If you can’t survive second year of nursing school, you aren’t meant for the career. It is TOUGH. The workload is just ridiculous and writing a pathology exam after a 12-hour clinical shift the night before is just beyond stupid hahaa.

I’m also proud of some of my closest friends that I’ve made in the program. They too are survivors. I’m excited for all of us to move on together to third year (which I hear is significantly easier. It’ll be nice only having 4 courses…). It’ll be interesting commuting almost 2 hours every day to class… and by interesting I mean not at all. Probably more exhausting than anything! But it is all worth it in the end.

I got really lucky that I already got my placement assigned for next semester. A lot of people may have to wait until August to hear about theirs.

I got so incredibly lucky with my placement and I still find it a total twist of fate. I was given a pediatric placement by the CPO (central placement office) and I almost emailed them a thank you because that’s almost unheard of outside of the Sick Kids Hospital placements (which there are usually only 8-12 of out of the hundreds of students that apply). Just WOW. I am over the friggen MOON with excitement to work with kids with multiple disabilities. It’s something I feel really passionate about. And for an entire semester! I am just so happy.

Anyways, I think I’m just excited for the future. I’ve gotten over the most stressful part of this program and I feel ready to tackle on the next two years with a better work ethic (as I won’t be overwhelmed) and new energy.

Cheers to being half way done and congratulations to any of my fellow nursing students that passed this year.


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