nursing school

My Weird Study Habits

Before I study I have this weird ritual and I thought it would be funny to share with you guys because I’m actually SO WEIRD.

1. I have to clean my entire desk of anything not related to the subject.

I’m not a necessarily neat person. Like at all. It’s actually something I have to severely work on… but when it comes to exam time I’m a total NEAT. FREAK. Disorganization sets my brain on fire and I can’t deal with it. I need everything to be tidy in its place and out of site if it has nothing to do with my subject.

2. I have to have tea.

I guess this isn’t that weird, but I feel really distracted if I don’t have something to sip on. I usually get up to make tea 2-3 times whenever I am making notes.

3. I sit on my office chair either perching like a bird or with my legs crossed.

I HAVE NO IDEA WHY THIS HAPPENS BUT IT DOES. I sit in the weirdest positions while I am studying. Is it just me? It can’t be… right? heh….

4. If I don’t have my highlighters, I can’t study.

I have SERIOUS ISSUES if I do not have my coloured highlighters. I use a pink, orange, purple and yellow set and if I don’t have them on me I actually feel incapable of starting my notes. My brain actually REFUSES to start the task. It almost gives me anxiety thinking about the unhighlighted categories in my notebook.

5. I can’t study in silence.

Music is always playing. Always. Allllllwwwaaaayyyyyssss.

6. I have to pet my cat every 30 minutes during my break.Β 

Because I am a needy baby and an openly admitting cat lady.

So now that we can all agree that I am a little strange (especially since apparently I perch like a bird…), you should share some things you do that are a little strange ^-^!!

Thank you for reading. Talk to you soon! ^-^


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