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Blogmas Day Four

On the fourth day of Blogmas, my Tammy gave to me, more gifts for under my treeee!

Hi everyone! I hope you’ve been enjoying Blogmas so far. Here are some gift ideas that are (for the most part) gender-neutral 🙂

#1. A customizable state serving plate. ~$20USD


Pick any state you’d like, or choose the entire country! Unfortunately, this is only for the USA, but I’m sure you could find a similar product online for any country!

#2. Me Undies (the most comfortable undies EVER…?)


This site claims to sell the most comfortable underwear on the market. For both men and women, we all need it, right? Especially with the cute snowflake designs they have for winter. They have all kinds of styles to choose from.

#3. Personalized Underwear (I swear this is the last undies one!)


This is definitely one of those novelty, stocking stuffer gifts you can customize for your partner. They have female options as well. Ger and I love stuff like this cause it’s just plain funny.

#4. Love Coupons ~$25USD


I couldn’t resist linking these to you guys. It’s such an LDR couple thing hahaha. Make a little coupon book (whether you buy it or make a DIY project out of it) of things your can do together. Your partner gets to pick which one they want to do for the day. Whether you want to make this absolutely lewd or just cute date night stuff, it’s a pretty cute gift.

#5. Rose string lights ~$16.50USD


These are probably my favourite. They are beautifully, handmade rose lights to decorate any room. They definitely add a romantic touch.

#5. Customizable Wine Glasses ~under $30USD


Okay I lied, these are probably my favourite. If you are a wine lover like myself, these are pretty darn cute. They have a million variations of these on etsy, which I’ve linked for you. Go have a look and see what you think your partner might like. You can sip on some wine with your partner over Skype with an oh so cheesy twist.

Hope you guys loved some of these gift ideas! Everything is under 30 dollars and they are all pretty fun. I’ll be sharing some other gift ideas another day of Blogmas 🙂 Maybe more guy-tailored stuff.

Happy Holidays! Click here for more Blogmas posts on my tumblr or check out my wordpress 🙂 


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