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Blogmas Day Three

On the third day of Blogmas, my Tammy gave to me, advice for when I meet the family. 

The holiday season is quickly approaching and I know a lot of my ldr-fam is going to visit their significant other. Utterly exciting, but if this is your first time meeting their family/parents, I bet you’re totally nervous.

The first time I ever met Ger’s mom, I just about had a heart attack. My mind was racing with worries that she wouldn’t like me, that I’d come across as awkward, maybe I’d say something inappropriate, maybe I’d literally trip and fall flat on my face as I walked over to hug her for the first time… the possibilities were endless.

I want to share with you what I WISH I told myself before I went to Florida for the first time. Meeting parents doesn’t have to be so scary, I promise!

#1. Their family WANTS to like you.

You are inevitably going to play the 20 questions game with them and it may seem like they are trying to find every little flaw you have, but in reality they just want to get to know you and find reasons to like you. They want to make sure you’re a good match for their kid/family member, but they won’t be as critical as you think.

#2. If you’re really nervous, rehearse.

This may seem really silly, but it’s like preparing for an interview. Think of the questions they might ask you and come up with appropriate answers. What job do you have? What are you going to school for? Hobbies? Aspirations? How did you two meet? etc. You’ll feel a lot more ready for the questions if you anticipate them.

#3. Be yourself!

It’s really important to not put on a show. If everything works out, you’ll be seeing their family throughout your life so you may as well get them familiar with your own sense of humor and personality. They will love you, don’t worry. You’re amazing.

#4. Get a debrief from your partner.

If you still feel nervous after those first three pieces of advice, it’s always good to just ask your partner what to expect. Which relatives are a little more serious, which ones are easier to talk to, which ones will be jokingly mean, which ones get really drunk, etc. You’ll feel more prepared to talk to them if you know a little more about them.

The holidays are all about bonding with each other, having fun, making each other smile and feel special, and getting into that holiday spirit. Don’t sweat the small things. Meeting their family won’t be as bad as you think and as long as you stay open and smile, they will love you.

I love you guys and I hope this little pep talk helped! ❤

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