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Blogmas #5: A Frugal Girl’s Guide to Date Night

On the Fifth day of Blogmas, my Tammy brings to me…

Cheap date ideas. Because in an LDR, we are all BROKE.

So besides crying over our wallets and how expensive plane tickets/train tickets are let’s all look on the positive side: having fun doesn’t always require money.

Idea #1: Dip into your inner child, build a pillow+blanket fort, grab your laptop/tablet/tv, get some popcorn/junk food, grab some WINE (for my older readers) and voila. Movie date.

If you have never built a blanket fort as a child, do it the super lazy way like I do. Grab some chairs, get your blankets and drape them over the square of chairs, hold them in place with some heavy stuff like books and bam. You have yourself a fort. It’ll take a little trial and error, but that’s part of the fun!

Idea #2: Walk around and explore the city.

I think people take for granted the magic of the city during the winter holidays. There are so many little events going on, many free of charge. For instance, in Toronto, we have the Christmas Market every year which is a cute little winter wonderland set up. There’s something super romantic about walking through the city together, stumbling upon whatever random exciting thing comes your way. Maybe even just sitting in a cafe and drinking cinnamon lattes.

Idea #3: Bake & Cook all the things.

Who says you need to go out to eat for a date? Dinners can be EXPENSIVE, so I try to avoid them if I can. Ger and I love cooking together & it’s pretty damn fun. So if you want a more homely date, cook & bake together, then pig out in your blanket fort over movies.

Idea #4: Go Ice Skating!

Going to a public skating rink is usually only $2 each where I live, so I can’t imagine it’ll be any more expensive where you live. Even if you have NO idea how to skate, fumble around together and have a good time. ^-^

Idea #5: Go to IKEA.

Okay, this sounds ridiculous at first but you underestimate my love for IKEA. I can spend endless hours there shopping for home goodies, but it’s also fun to roleplay and goof around in the display rooms. You can make up stories for people, talk in different accents, play hide & go seek (discretely) in the display rooms, etc. And when you are hungry, IKEA food is cheap af.


I hope you guys enjoyed these quick ideas for a cheap date night! I know the broke struggle and these are my main go-to’s in the winter. 

If you like this post, let me know if you want another one just like it. I have 100 different ideas I could share 🙂

This post was inspired by: Date Night on LDRBN.


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