Personal Diary

Day 12 – 14 ~ Trip 6

Hi everyone!! ^-^

On Friday Ger and I went out for dinner. We went to the tiki bar section of Boston’s. I’m always amazed that the servers walk around in bikinis. I don’t think I’d have the balls for that. My butt would be far too exposed. Big butt girl problems…

I really liked the vibe there. People were dancing around the DJ booth, our server was really nice and the music was good. I loved all the tiki torches around the bar and the floors were a mix of concrete tiles and sand. Really beachy vibe, which is fitting since the restaurant is right across the road from the beach.

They didn’t have any vegan options so I had to totally customize my salad (which she STILL PUT GOAT CHEESE ON) so you can imagine little unhappy Tammy picking goat cheese off her food. It was still alright though.

Ger and I had a few drinks, talked about his job and I took videos of him looking super handsome which hopefully I’ll add to the video ^_^

After dinner we walked around the beach. It was pitch black. I couldn’t see where I was walking so I kind of blindly followed Gerald and hoped for the best. Hahaha. It took a long time for my eyes to adjust. He kept grabbing my butt and laughing as I yelled at him that people could see. I guess if I was basically blind, nobody could see us but yknowwwww….. he’s a butt.


SATURDAY, we were supposed to uber downtown and go to the beach but Ger was feeling really ill so we stayed in. The day basically consisted of me nursing him to health, him groaning about how bad he felt and me pouty lipping at him because I felt bad.

In late afternoon he felt better though and we just watched stuff and enjoyed each other’s company. Lots of cuddling in bed.

Oh! We also went to Sports Authority and I bought myself a pair of runners. I’m happy to own such a nice pair because like I said in a previous post, I haven’t owned runners since I was like 13 haha.


Sunday we went grocery shopping with his mum. We went to home depot and looked at all the pretty succulents (if you saw my instagram photos you know!). I looooveee the gardening section of home depot. Fun fact.

The ENTIRE MORNING this little munchkin was tickling me and harassing me. It was fun and I totally deserved it because I was throwing a gatorade bottle at him (softly!) to annoy him while he was playing his game on his phone ^-^ hahaha.

Honestly I feel like Ger and I are so silly because we love wrestling and tickle fights. We’re actually 10 years old.

Later, we watched GoT (Game of Thrones) TWICE because the first time we got side tracked and missed the whole second half of the episode. We were too busy reading reddit hahaha. BUT my gosh my GoT bae is back on fire and I am happy. I’m excited for the next episode!!!


Sorry I wasn’t updating as much as usual this past weekend ^-^ The internet has been really shitty recently so I’ve been low key avoiding it.


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