Personal Diary

Day 11 ~ Trip 6

Yesterday was pretty BLAH. I slept for a long time because mother nature and actually had really, really bad sacral nerve pain. From what? I have no friggen clue but I still have it and I am dying. It’s a sharp pain that radiates all the way down my right leg. RIP me. I didn’t get any sleep whatsoever.

Yesterday I spent the day applying for jobs and I want to share with y’all what I was offered:

1. Some guy asked to be my sugar daddy (and 3 other guys in my junk mail…)

2. I was offered a job as a nude cam model (since his clients love nurses)

3. Offered to be in a porno.

Yep. I have a nanny ad up to look after children and so far I have received those instead.

Oh and honestly, I thought yesterday was Wednesday THE WHOLE DAY. I legitimately woke up this morning believing it was Thursday. What the heck?

I also discovered that if I make kissing noises behind Gerald’s ear he uncontrollably laughs and it’s really adorable.

We spoke about going to Boston’s today for dinner with his mum so we can sit in the tiki bar (which I can now legally sit in… embarrassing memories from last year being rejected). I told Gerald we had to go eat there as a small triumph for myself now that I can go in LOL.

Love you guys! Chat me with, kay? ❤


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