Personal Diary

Day 10 ~ Trip 6

I was feeling pretty rotten yesterday. Blame it on being a female.

The internet guy came over to figure out what was wrong and (hopefully) fixed the issue. He said something about us sitting at 54 and the cutoff is 55 (where you no longer get internet) and he brought us down to 47 through magic.
Whatever that means.

Ger and I napped in bed for an hour after he got home. He’s always so sleepy after work and just wants to cuddle and relax. He literally gets here, strips down all his work clothes and plops in bed in whatever position his body lands in.

We later walked to Sports Authority (an american store I assume since I’ve never heard of it) since I am looking for runners. They had the niiiiicest black runners with small peach coloured detailings. I might go back and buy them since Ger gets $10 off, plus 5% off and if we say it’s his birthday when we register another $10 off I think. We’ll see. I really want them and I’ve actually never owned runners before! (At least not since I was 13 and those were West 49 skater shoes haha)

We also popped into the pet store next door. There was this hamster and he was sitting right against the glass. Whenever I would put my finger by him he’d put his paws on the glass near it and I was DYING. He was the cutest little thing I had ever seen. Whenever I’d get up to leave he’d do the same thing. He’d tap his little paws against the glass. I had to kick in some real willpower to leave my crouched position and walk out of the store.

Rest of the night we watched New Girl and Cupcake Wars. I was feeling really shitty so I went to bed at 10:30ish. Ger brought me water and mercendol. What a doll.

I hope your Tuesday was a little better than mine ^-^


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