Personal Diary

Day 8&9 ~ Trip 6

Hi eveyone!

Ugh, yesterday I had no wifi for the entiiiirreee day so I couldn’t post trip updates or do any of my summer school stuffies. So annoying.

Anyways, on Sunday Ger and I stumbled upon this cute family of ducks when we went for a walk. There were 11 babies! So many. One of the babies was missing a leg and it took all of our willpower to not go and steal it from it’s mother and raise it on our own haha. The reason we wanted to take it was because there was a cat stalking the family in the bushes and a couple walked by us and basically told us the duckling would be dead by the end of the week.


Anyways, we stayed up late to watch the rerun of Game of Thrones because we misses the original airing. I don’t see enough people on here gushing about GoT. GUYS?! HELLO? ^-^

On Monday I didn’t have any WiFi has I stated in the beginning. It was awful and annoying because I couldn’t be productive in any capacity.

I went downstairs to the gym and worked out for 2 hours while watching 27 Dresses. I just did 30 minutes of cardio, 40 minutes of conditioning exercises and then the remaining time I sat on my mat until the movie was over haha.

I then went to the pool and what I’m about to tell you is so typically me it hurts: I saved bugs from drowning in the pool.

Yep. I fished out bugs that couldn’t get out of the pool and placed them on the ground.

I saved a dragonfly, a bumblebee and 10 beetles buggy things. I know it’s a little weird but I was bored and couldn’t just watch them drown >.>

The dragonfly I saved was caught in the gutter and I actually thought it was dead. But as I lifted a piece of fabric is was stuck to, it’s little legs were moving and I was excited to fish it out and save it. As it dried itself off over the course of 15 minutes, it started trying to fly. It landed by a plastic table and the HUGE LIZARD CAME OUT AND ATE IT. I just kind of stood there in shock… like… my friend was just eaten?

Sigh. RIP mister/misses dragonfly. You were cute.

Anyways besides the fact that I take my animal loving to an extreme reality, Hope you guys had a great weekend and a not so sucky Monday.


2 thoughts on “Day 8&9 ~ Trip 6

  1. I love your trip stories. The mini details like the ducks or saving the bugs are so entertaining! I’m also a huge GoT fan, so anytime you want to chat – I’m all for it! It’s also something that I share with Mystery Man. We like to have virtual dates where we “watch” the episodes together. So cute!


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