Personal Diary

Day 7 ~ Trip 6

Hihi ^-^

On Sunday we went out to swim in the afternoon. I’d love to tell you that we stayed out there for hours and enjoyed the sun, but in reality we realized we didn’t have sunscreen for our pasty ass skin and could only stay out for 15 minutes hahaa.

When we got back in we made lunch and binge watched New Girl for a few hours. That may sound boring to some of you but have you even seen the show?! It’s so funny!

Ger’s mum took us out to go grocery shopping since although we bought lots of fruits and veggies from the farmer’s market Saturday, she didn’t have her meats and I needed bread and a couple other things. Ger bought his mum a tiny bottle of Bailey’s for mother’s day and also bought some vodka since he wanted to make ceasers.

We patiently waited for Game of Thrones to come on and just hung around his apartment. I watched half of the movie Lucy with Scarlett Johansson. We’re probably going to finish it tonight since I haaatee only half watching a movie. I need to know what happens, no matter how silly the plot is.

Besides that we didn’t really do much ^-^. We’re always really goofy and keep each other laughing. Tickle fights, making faces, being annoying to each other… We have a lot of fun on snapchat so make sure you follow me @tammynest on there ^-^

Yesterday I also tried for the 1000th time to get my circle lenses in. MY GOD IS IT FUDGING HARD. I’ll get it eventually, I swear.

Ger keeps wishing it was the 3rd week of May already. Me too! We can’t wait to go to Universal Studios. jfgasjdhgsjdfghsdfjkghs ! ! ! ! ! ! !

Ps. Really like this song:


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