Personal Diary

Day 6 ~ Trip 6

Yesterday (Saturday) we woke up at 7am to drive to Ger’s grandmother’s place an hour and a half north from us. We were basically zombies the entire time we were getting ready and I slept in the car the entire way there. Serves us right for going to bed at 1am… hahaha. When we got there we had to do some gardening, start the pasta sauce and prep the other foodies.

I love seeing Ger’s grandma because she always looks excited to see me. She said she was really glad I was staying the entire month because we’d get to see each other another weekend. Awww.

After we got lunch more or less prepared, we let the sauce simmer on the stove and hopped into the car to go to the farmer’s market aka PARADISE.

It was beautiful, guys. Beautiful. I wish Canada had such amazing farmer’s markets.

We bought heaps of fruits and veggies, this one vegan cheesecake this lady made me try (because I’m a sucker and had to bring some home) and Ger bought a cantaloupe plant. Funnily enough, we saw Salvia plants. Is that a thing? What do you possible do with salvia besides… yknow… drugs? LOL. Can someone educate me?

I found the most beautiful strawberries, which you will see in my vlog either tomorrow or Tuesday after I’m done editing it. They were peeeeerrrrrfeeccttt. A little overpriced… but I couldn’t resist. Best smelling/looking strawberries I have ever seen.

When we got back to Ger’s grandmother’s house I actually took a nap. I was pretty dead and food wouldn’t be ready for another hour or so. Ger played Age of Wushu Dynasty on his phone and cuddled me while I napped. I was pretty darn comfy but had a weird dream about taking a taxi ride from Vaughan to Scarborough and the taxi driver charged us 1200 FRIGGEN DOLLARS. In my dream I was going absolutely ballistic on this guy and was refusing to pay him hahahhaa.

The sauce came out perfect. We made one with meat and one without (for me) with some macaroni noodles and toast. Typical Italians. Ger’s mom kept saying she felt bad I couldn’t have any meatballs or cheese and I assured her I was perfectly happy without them haha. I don’t know why people feel the need to apologize to me for not wanting to eat certain things.

Once we got home Ger and I went swimming for a little bit and by swimming I mean soaked in the hot tub for half an hour haha. The pool was waaaayyy too cold.

I tried putting in my circle lenses again (for practice) AND OH MY LORD. I cannot get them in for the life of me. Siiiiiiggghhhhhhhhhhhh.

Hope you all had a fun Saturday!! Lubya ❤


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