Personal Diary

Day 5 ~ Trip 6

Posting this a little later than usual ^-^ Didn’t have a chance to earlier since we left so early.

While I was home alone I decided to start up my workout routine again. I do a series of conditioning exercises for abs, legs and arms and I used to do them every day. Might as well get back on the workout train while I am here alone.

Ger got home early and knocked on the front door. He totally laughed at me as I creeped it open just barely and peeked around it to see who was there. He asked me why I didn’t just look through the peep hole and I had to admit to him that I’m actually too short… >.>

Later we vlogged me putting in my circle lenses for the first time. GUYS WHY IS IT SO HARD? I was actually useless at it. I eventually got them in but there was an eyelash under one so I just took them both out. Sheesshhh… I guess practice makes perfect? Ger told me they looked weird but I enjoyed them hahaha.

We walked to Chipotle for dinner since I’ve been craving it for a while. I looooove their Sofrita option. So friggen good. We always get the tortilla underneath instead of on the side (little tip if you don’t do that already) and Ger gets salad dressing and a side of sour cream and mixes it together which is apparently like a ‘secret sauce’. I’ve tried it before I went vegan and it was pretty good, I must admit.

When the lady was bagging our chips and guac one of the guys on the line put the guac into the bag and knocked the whole thing over LOL. The guac fell to the floor (and luckily nothing else did) and splashed onto the lady. They both kind of just looked down at the mess and the annoyance creeped onto her face. He quickly got a new guac and handed it to her. This time she took the chips and guac and put them in a separate bag from the burrito bowls. The guy was like “Oh hey, see, that’s a way better idea.” and she gave him the look of DEATH.

Gerald and I laughed so hard when we left.

While I died and went to heaven (because of the Chipotle) we watched two movies: Special Correspondents and The Adams Family movie. (We watch a lot of movies together, can you tell?)

At some point Ger sat in bed and combed my hair and scratched my back and I call that serious boyfriend goals right there.

Hope your Friday was awesome & I hope tonight is even better ^-^ ! ❤


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