Personal Diary

Day 4 ~ Trip 6

Hi everyone! ^-^

Yesterday I played housewife and cleaned Ger’s room. I know. So nice. Hahaha. I basically listened to Pvris the whole day and did school work, cleaned and worked through tumblr.

I ate this INCREDIBLE MASSSIVE banana that I couldn’t help but share randomly in this post and on my snapchat hahaha.

Since Ger is finally finished exams he got to come home right after work. We went out with his mum quickly to grab some stuff I’m missing, like nutritional yeast and hemp hearts (for my B12 and omega fatty acids <3) and we also picked up some brazil nuts (for selenium [good for cell repair and immunity]) and some portobello mushroom fries. So good. I love them. If you live in America, go to Trader Joe’s and pick them up.

We also bought sour patch kids because we’re suckers for sour candy. ARE SOUR PATCH KIDS VEGAN? I’ve looked at the ingredients and they seem to check out but honestly I’m not sure. Someone verify?

Later we came home and made the most fattening dinner ever haha. We cooked up some burgers (the patte was made of nuts, potatoes and some other stuff… really tasty), the mushroom fries and sweet potato. So oily but I think that kind of thing is okay once in a while. So, so good.

While we ate dinner we watched this old timey movie from the early 90s called The Sandlot. Gerald was totally astonished that I had never seen this movie but in my defence it came out before I was born. We can’t all be from the 80s like my old man 😉 hahha. It was actually a really cute movie and I can see why he really liked it as a kid and growing up.

After the movie we literally wrestled like we were 10 years old because we’re both hyper and silly people. I accidentally flung his glasses off the bed onto the floor and we both had an absolutely heart attack. Luckily they were fine and I wasn’t dead for breaking them. LOL.

Cute video of us in mud masks:

Do any of you guys have old 90s movies you really love? Share them with me ^-^ !?


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