Personal Diary

Day 2 ~ Trip 6

Hi everyone! Ger just left for work (sigh) so I’ll tell you a little about yesterday! ^-^ I’m going to be doing updates every day on here but to see little snippets of us being silly make sure to follow my snapchat @tammynest !

So yesterday I was home alone for most of the day. I checked my online summer school course outlines (and yawned because who wants to do summer school? ughhh). I’m trying to figure out my schedule so I don’t forget any assignments for the weekend Ger and I are going to Orlando.

I made amazing little tacos, talked to a bunch of you guys over tumblr (when I wasn’t trying to figure out my online school life) and watched Merlin.

Later on Ger’s mom texted me to go and look at houses with her. Ger and his mum are moving in with his gandmother since she’s getting a little old and her husband died early last year, so she needs some family support to get around the house. Especially since she had a stroke a few years back and getting around the house is a huge chore.

We went to this BEAUTIFUL small house about 4km from where they live now and it was the biggest disappointment. They need three bedrooms but this gorgeous house’s third bedroom was basically a tiny office. Insufficient to say the least. Ger’s mom and I walked out of there with our heads hung because the rest of the house was a total dream. It was really meant for a couple and child instead of three adults.

After, we went to go pick up Ger from university. He finished his exam in literally 20 minutes and I was like what the heeeckkk…. I wish nursing exams could be completed that quickly !

We made yummy Asian food when we got home. Rice, kimchi, edamame, broccoli, chicken (the vegan kind), and a salad with ginger dressing and these sweet crunchy soybean thingies. Was really, really good.

The rest of the night we just cuddled in bed and watched Always Sunny in Philadelphia. Freaking love that show!!

Hope you all had a wonderful Tuesday! ❤


One thought on “Day 2 ~ Trip 6

  1. I think it’s wonderful that you get along so well with Ger’s mother. I remember the visits I made to see my SO when he still had to work during the week. I definitely spent a lot of my time prepping meals and familiarising myself around his town while waiting for him. Hopefully you won’t have too many assignments to work on during your holiday! PS. Always Sunny in Philadelphia is amazing ❤


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