Personal Diary

Day 1 ~ Trip 6

I am soooo so so happy to be back in sunny Florida, even though I am melting. Literally. If you saw Ger and I’s texts earlier that I shared on here, I’m white fondue.

I left Toronto at 12:30pm and took a 2 hour flight to New York. There was the cutest little baby sitting beside me that wanted to play with my phone hahaha. My flight was delayed by almost an hour so I was panicking the entire way to New York that I may miss my connecting flight. BUT I didn’t. So that’s pretty sick. I’ve never missed my flight before so I would have had no idea what to do.

The second leg of the flight was 3 hours and boy oh boy did those 3 hours drag on. My neck was hurting from sleeping in a weird position in the flight before and for the life of me I couldn’t beat this one boss in Birth By Sleep (yes I totally still play with my PSP sometimes…). It was frustrating checking my phone and seeing on 2 minutes had gone by. I just wanted to see my Florida man.

The flight landed right on time and I bolted out to baggage claim. My suitcase was the 3rd one to come out which was really lucky haha. I wheeled outside and was met by an uncomfortable amount of heat and humidity. Florida, why are you so hot?

Ger and his mum were waiting for me in their car and I got all kinds of butterflies as he opened his door to hug and greet me. That never changes.

We went to Publics to get some groceries so I don’t starve to death this week and then went home to watch Game of Thrones. GUYYYSS. SO HAPPY about what’s going on in that show right now. My bae is back. ALSO, HODOR !!!

Anyways, the weeks will be filled with Ger’s full-time job and my 2 summer school courses, blogging and video editing. Hopefully we’ll get to do some exciting stuff during the weekend. Especially now that I’m 21! ^-^


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