Long Distance Relationship

How Blogging Improved My LDR

I took a step back today and really thought hard about this blog. My focus on it has faltered because of how busy my university life has been (Nursing school is HARD & TERRIBLY BUSY), and I found myself feeling really guilty about it.

I started this blog a year and a half ago, wanting to document my long distance relationship with Gerald (Gerbear). I thought it would be romantic, cheesy and an opportunity to show that LDRs can be amazing.

Things I didn’t expect from blogging about my relationship is actually a list of benefits. This blog has changed me and helped my relationship in really important ways:

If I wouldn’t share it on my blog, I shouldn’t say it to my partner.

If I’d be too ashamed to share with you guys something I said to Gerald, this is a reminder to me that I should absolutely not say it to him. This mindset helps me filter A LOT of my nonsense when I’m upset.

I appreciate my relationship FAR more than I usually would.

Of course regardless of having the blog I would appreciate having such a wonderful man in my life a tremendous amount, do not be mistaken! But having the opportunity to reflect on all of Ger and I’s adventures together and having the LDR community share those memories, have those stories give them hope, etc makes me realize how lucky I am on a daily basis ON TOP of the regular amount I would.

My partner feels really damn special.

When I first shared with Ger that I started a blog about us, he was absolutely ELATED. He was excited to read my posts, see how our blog grew and reached thousands of people, and he felt I was doing something continuously special for him for the year and a half since I started.

We both feel like role models, which motivates us to be better.

This is in a variety of ways, but self-improvement is something on both of our minds as the blog continues to grow. We want to share our advice on how to improve and maintain a long distance relationship, but we also want to be a shining example, as well. Essentially, we want to do as we preach. How would our advice be credible at all if we didn’t follow it ourselves?

This blog has really allowed me to reflect on, appreciate and improve my relationship and I honestly think if you’re interested in writing, it would be a cute way to show your partner how special they are to you!

In saying that, I have a question:

Do you blog about your relationship? If you do, let me know if it has improved your relationship, or maybe if it has actually done the opposite?


6 thoughts on “How Blogging Improved My LDR

  1. Such a great post! I feel the same way, I started my blog for many of the same reasons, I just needed an outlet to express all of my emotions over this LDR. When I first told my boyfriend about it I was a bit nervous and wondered if he would like it or think it was odd. But luckily my boyfriend is incredible and much like yours he was so happy to read all my posts and he always makes a point to tell me how proud he is that I have such an amazing blog and that I take the time to write my articles. I think that blogging is such a healthy way to get out emotions that need to have an outlet. I love my LDR blog and I for sure think it has improved my relationship!


  2. I have just started blogging about my relationship and how it is AS OF TODAY a long distance one. I can’t speak to the being apart aspect yet but I can tell you that writing about it has already helped clear my head and it gives me some peace. My boyfriend doesn’t know about this – yet – but I feel like its going to help us both. It will allow me to filter some of the excess and neediness he doesn’t always need to be weighed down with and it will force me to reflect on things more. I suspect his reaction to my blogging will be similar to Gerald’s – it will make him feel loved and proud of what we have.
    I really enjoyed this post. I look forward to what you have to share in the future 🙂


  3. Writing about my relationship definitely helps to put things into perspective sometimes!
    I always try to be open and honest on my blog so I would even say it’s helped me understand my own faults and some less than perfect personality traits – but that’s what helps you to grow!


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