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This documentary is life changing.

I don’t really know a lot about politics and how bills are passed in the states of America and this documentary was really eye opening for me.

Dr. C. Campbell and his son made this documentary to talk about the most comprehensive study on nutrition and its effects on the body in the entire world (The China Study) & also in part made this documentary an expose on how meat and dairy industries, as well as pharmaceutical companies, will oppose bills that promote a primarily plant-based diets and ultimately a healthier population because it goes against their agenda: the dollar.

As most of us know, the healthy aren’t profitable. 

If you’re interesting in veganism, vegetarianism or just about nutrition in general, this documentary talks about walks to prevent cancer, cure type 2 diabetes, prevent cardiovascular disease (stroke, heart attacks, atherosclerosis), as well as interviews many different doctors.

Also in the documentary, they conducted small-scale studies on the power of a plant-based diet which shows INCREDIBLE effects in just 10 days of being on the diet. One women even cured her type-2 diabetes and didn’t have to take any of her medications! 

Promoting a healthier lifestyle is something really, really important to me so I suggest you give this 1.5hr documentary a watch with an open mind 🙂 It’s on Netflix!


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