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App Review: Whisper

So I’ve heard a lot about this app from various platforms: YouTube, friends, articles, other bloggers. I wanted to try it out to see what all the hype is about, because when I get curious about something I get SUPER curious. I needed answers.

So last night, I downloaded the app and posted a bunch of random ‘confessions’. Immediately after, I was surprised by the responses I got:



“fem or mal?”

And there was maybe ONE or TWO that actually said hello as their opening statement, but then followed with the asl question.

……..  Am I missing something here? Is this a dating app? Did I miss the memo?

Apparently (after asking a few people), Whisper is used as a confession-based Tinder. People actually use it to hook up with people close by, since the app will tell you how far that person is from you, just as Tinder does.

Immediately I felt uncomfortable since my anonymity immediately was reduced. There isn’t even an option to turn your location off on the application. Most likely, you would have to go into your setting to turn off location sharing. Am I the only one that finds this concept a  little weird for a “secret confessions” kind of app?

Anyways, it wasn’t a totally negative experience. I posted some things about veganism, nursing, LDRs, etc and actually got some supportive responses from the community! So if you’re looking for support, you could totally get it anonymously from this community. And fast too. It took less than a minute for the first person to respond to me. There seems to be a lot of people that want to chat (even if many of them are trying to hit on you and get laid). At the very least, it’s entertaining.


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