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Why Cooking Together Can Bring You Closer

Why cooking together can bring you closer, & how you can cook together long distance. 

It takes teamwork!

Working together to accomplish a mutual goal is a bonding exercise. Just as businesses send their employees out on teambuilding workshops, your relationship needs the same practice. You learn how to collaborate with each other, your strengths and weaknesses and by the time you’re done cooking you’ve found a routine that works for the two of you. ^-^

It can be really intimate ❤

Sneaking little kisses while you bump into each other in the kitchen, wrapping your arms around you partner while they chop vegetables, feeding each other to taste different things; I think that’s pretty romantic.

Cooking can be fun ^-^

I really love cooking, and I encourage you to develop a love for it too! Together, the two of you can be creative and try out new recipes. Sometimes they turn out amazing, and sometimes they are an epic failure. Either way, cooking together was fun and a bonding experience and the resulting food is less important haha. Dance around together in the kitchen, sing your favourite songs, make funny faces and remember to just enjoy yourself and let go.

Cooking is a learning experience.

You will learn each other’s food preferences and your different styles of cooking, as well as each other’s weird cooking habits. Like for example, I don’t tend to put oil in any dish I can help it, but Ger is very Italian and seems to splash oil into just about everything.

Also, you can teach each other how to cook different kinds of food, or learn together! I know that whenever I make a dish Ger taught me how to make, I feel close to him even if he isn’t always here with me for most of the year.

How to cook together long distance

This is actually way easier than you think: Skype!

Or whatever platform you use for videochat. Set it up, bring your device into the kitchen and cook together. The both of you don’t need to be cooking at the same time, or you totally can. What usually happens with Ger and I is I’ll not know how to cook something properly and he’ll instruct me as I go. He’s happy because he’s involved, and I’m happy because I didn’t have to leave him on Skype in the other room while I cooked alone.

My question for you guys: have you ever cooked with each other on a trip or over videochat? Do you find cooking fun or totally frustrating? Share your stories! ^-^

This post was inspired by Date Night on LDRBN. 


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