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In case you don’t follow my snapchat (tammynest), I have a funny story for you.

Soo, I was doing my readings for my nursing research course and along comes this house spider that just plops his little body ONTO MY TEXTBOOK RIGHT BESIDE MY ARM.

I just about FALL OFF MY CHAIR in fright. I didn’t want to kill him because I felt bad and spiders aren’t all that bad, but I am so utterly terrified of them I just.. I just COULDN’T deal with it myself.

I sauntered over to my mother’s room and told her I had an emergency (or else she wouldn’t get her butt out of bed) and I showed her and she almost laughed her ass off. This little spider just chilling there like he belongs on that page.

So like A TOTAL FEARLESS MOTHER BEAR, she scoops the spider into her hands and THROWS HIM INTO THE OTHER ROOM.

I can’t. I was sitting there screaming and she just picks him up and throws him.

Dear spider: I hope you didn’t die as you flew into the art room, but I hope you don’t try to kill me in my sleep either.

Oh and on a side note, I snapchatted Gerald and my best friend asking what I should do and I got two very helpful responses:

1. Seryna told me TO MOVE OUT OF MY HOUSE.

2. Gerald told me to eat him.


7 thoughts on “In case you don’t follow my snapchat (tammynest), I have a funny story for you.

      1. I started clinical practice in first year 🙂 So yes. Unpaid though, of course hahaha. This semester I am in a surgical unit, but in the past I worked in palliative and a complex care unit 🙂

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      2. Our clinical practice doesnt start until junior year. We still have community duties at rural health units, rural areas, etc. Im currently working in the NICU. 🙂


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