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Trip 5: Update 7

December 31st

“New Years Eve!!!!!! ^-^

New Years was a total shit show for the most part when it came to planning. It felt like everyone kept changing plans on us. To top that off, the poor Gerbear got really sick and we initially decided to cancel all plans and just stay home so he could rest and get better.

Luckily, after many hours of just laying on the couch and napping, he felt good enough to get dressed and venture outside. I wore this suuuuper duper sparkly gold skirt, but it actually is too big for me so I had to really awkwardly pin it in the back (which was pretty obvious but I didn’t care) and the pin was scratching my back the entire night… bleh. BUT I wanted to wear it so, pain is beauty.

We took the Subway to downtown Toronto and met 3 of my friends at a bar where we actually managed to get a table. It’s funny because they quoted us over an hour but we ended up seated within 20 minutes. We got really lucky.

OH! On the subway on the way down, there was this couple sitting across from us. The girl was WASTED beyond all belief and basically passed out. When they got off the subway, she forgot her phone and we quickly picked it up before anyone else took it. We held on to it the entire night and kept checking it to see if she called so we could maybe meet up with her to give it back. It was password protected so we couldn’t call her parents which was annoying, but we were patient.

We stayed out until about 3ish before getting kicked out of the bar haha. Nicely, of course. It was closing time. It was my first time actually getting super drunk in a reeaaaallllyyy long time. Apparently I’m hilarious.

On the subway home, there was a guy that downed half a bottle of vodka and then moonwalked off when his stop came. I just about died laughing. It was so bizarre.

I hope you guys had an amazing NYE!! Tell me all about it ^-^ ”

[taken from my tumblr]


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