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Trip 5: Update 6

December 29&30

“On the 29th of December, Ger and I were recruited by my zio to babysit his kids. He wanted to surprise his wife by taking her out to Toronto to see the Christmas Market and watch Phantom of the Opera (PERFECT date if you ask me! Well done, uncle).

We got there at 11ish and literally played Minecraft & Skylanders the WHOLE DAY. We ordered pizza and just kept playing. It was pretty easy haha. Very low maintenance children.

My little cousin is a really competitive little critter. He’s about 5 years old and everything he says is literal. He doesn’t use expressions at all. He will have no problem telling you that he wants everyone in the game to die. Hahaha

We were there until 12:30am when my zio and zia finally got home, which then lead to an almost 3 hour conversation about politics in the kitchen with Ger. Between my zio and Gerald, I’m sure we could have been up all night talking but luckily Ger noticed the time and said we should get going. ^-^

The kids kept asking us to sleep over but we both wanted to head home. We were exhauuuussted.

On the 30th, I woke up super early to call my hairdresser to book an appointment. I must have called a little TOO early because her husband grumpily answered the phone and told me they only open in half an hour and that I shouldn’t have called LOOL. ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! So rude. But I booked my appointment and got my hair highlighted. I wanted to bring my ombre up since it’s grown out but my dad (who pays for my hair) told me I couldn’t spend over a certain amount. They came out OKAY, but I’ll probably just let them grow out and go back to ombreing my hair and just pay for the bit over my dad’s max amount. Or find a new hairdresser that doesn’t charge an arm and a leg hahah.

My dad taught Ger how to make this South African food and had a good bonding sesh. Ger came out alive so I’m assuming they had a good time.”

[taken from my tumblr]


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