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Trip 5: Update 5

December 25-28th

“Hi everyone ^-^ Sorry I haven’t updated in a few days we’ve been all over the place.

So Friday night we celebrated Christmas Day with my dad, my step mum, my step brother and his cute girlfriend @muffinwubbers .

Ger and I slaved away in the kitchen for about 3 hours since my dad had the ‘wonderful’ idea that the kids cook Christmas dinner every year, starting this year as a tradition. We didn’t mind though cause we really love cooking together and trying new recipes. We cooked a fully vegan menu & my dad put a roast in the oven for anyone that wanted meat.

It was DELICIOUSSSS. Ger and I did a really good job. @muffinwubbers and my step brother made the honey glazed carrots ^-^ So we got a little help!

The menu was:

1. scalloped potatoes baked with coconut milk

2. broccolini with a honey-balsamic vinaigrette

3. honey glazed carrots

4. spinach and wild mushrooms

5. Stuffed portobello mushrooms (Stuffed with: sundried tomatoes. spinach, cremini mushrooms, basil, parsley, onion)

Later on, we opened up presents together! I got a Yoda onesie, a gaming headset, 100 bucks for gas (YES!) and some reaaally warm socks! They are magical. Ger got a sweater from Express from my dad and Linh along with some chocolate, and we gave my stepmom some cranberry wine, as well as this super warm sweater to my dad. Oh! And we got my step brother $50 for Steam.

On Saturday we went out for lunch with my dad, and went shopping for boxing day (which was total chaos). We also fed my cousin’s guinea pigs :3 And totally binged most of How to Get Away With Murder.

Sunday we went out to watch the last Hunger Games, which was OKAAYYYY….. but I still preferred the book (cliche to say, I know). Ps. THE BABY KATNISS IS HOLDING LOOKS ASAIN. It doesn’t look like her at alllllllllllll!

Today (Monday), we went over to have Lunch with my Nonna, gave her this pretty illuminated tree as a present for her balcony she’s been eyeing, and helped set up her phones since she couldn’t get them working for some reason, ahahha. She just plugged them in wrong, silly little lady. After we met up with Ger’s friend to go shopping since the mall was more dead today than boxing day. I bought 3 really cute tops and Ger bought me a cheap pair of flats, & he got a bunch of dress shirts from this popup store he’s officially obsessed with. We then went out for dinner with Kurt & I had the wooooorrrssstt pasta from Boston Pizza. It’s not usually bad, but I wasn’t digging it at all. But the Peach Mojito was amazing.

It’s finally snowed here in Toronto! FINALLY… December is almost over, what’s up with that?

Hope you all have had a wonderful past weekend and Monday ^-^ Talk soon <3″

[taken from my tumblr]


3 thoughts on “Trip 5: Update 5

    1. Hahaha the last one was meh because it was the first half of a book 🙂 The first part of a book is always pretty lame cause none of the climatic stuff kicks in yet 🙂 The last movie was pretty good though. Lots of action.

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