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Trip 5: Update 4

Days 9-11: December 23 to early 25th

“Hi everybody! The past few days have been reaaally busy.

On Wednesday we had sooo many errands to run:

1. I had to go to the doctor (nothing serious! dw ^-^)

2. We went to my cousin’s place so he could show us what to feed the guinnea pigs on Saturday

3. We did some last minute Christmas shopping, as well as shopped for my outfit for New Years Eve ^-^ (hint: I’m going to SPARKLE). I also ended up buying a new pair of the most comfortable black pumps in the world from Walking On A Cloud. Expensive but totally worth it. I used to have them when I worked in a restaurant as a hostess, but someone STOLE them…

4. We had to do some grocery shopping cause there was nothing to eat in the house.

5. We had to pack all of our stuff for Thursday since we were sleeping at my dad’s & get the presents organized.

Busy busy busy. We also ended up binging like 6 episodes of How to Get Away With Murder.

On Thursday we headed over to my zio’s (uncle’s) house for Christmas Eve! My family celebrates Christmas on both days. We have dinner, open presents at midnight and then get together on Christmas day for more foodies.

My uncles are pretty hilarious. They got pretty drunk, and kept pouring glasses of whisky for Gerald haha. They brought out the really expensive stuff too, like a$300+ bottle of Blue something or other. I guess Ger has been officially accepted into the family haha. He spoke to everyone all night about politics, movies and who knows what else. While I played air hockey with the kids, he was charming my family.

He kept cutely asking me if it was time to open the presents. Probably once or twice every hour. He’s just as impatient as I am! When midnight finally came, I gave him his new mechanical keyboard and he gave me my Zoeva makeup brushes. They are soooo nice!

We gave my mom a little bag of scrapbooking goodies from Michael’s & bought my dad this biiiiigg comfy sweater from Mark’s Warehouse. We also got my step brother a $50 Steam giftcard & my step mum a bottle of wine.

(but my dad, step bro and step mum only get their stuff today so shhh)

Anyways! I hope you guys had a wonderful Christmas Eve and Christmas Day ^-^ Eat up and enjoy your loved ones <3″

[taken from my tumblr]


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