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Trip 5: Update 3

Day 7-8: December 21&22

“Hi everyone!

SO last night, Monday, we went to one of my close friend’s birthday party downtown at the Bier Mrkt, which is admittedly one of my favourite bars SPECIFICALLY because they have strawberry wheat ale. SO GOOD.

If you ever have the chance to try it, DO IT ^-^

I wore this outfit that actually DIDN’T GO TOGETHER, but I didn’t care cause I wanted to wear the top regardless of not having things that matched it. It was 32 bucks, okay? I don’t spend that kind of money usually. It needed wearing.

Ger actually got the opportunity to meet most of my nursing gang. Being the natural, cult leader personality he is, he made a wonderful impression and I think they liked him ^-^ My friend Steph said she “liked this” as she pointed drunkly to the two of us. I’ll take that as approval. Hahahah

We parked at this big mall connected to the subway, and if you get there after 10 the mall is basically deserted and you have to go through security to walk through. If you’ve seen my snapchats, I basically pretend we’re in a zombie apocalypse and are the last survivors. I also show you the COOLESTvacuum that they use for escalators ! Like who KNEW they had a specially designed vacuum for those. So weird.

Today we actually got around to somewhat cleaning my room, SOMEWHAT setting up the tree andwent out to dinner with some of the LDRBN members, Marissa and DJ. It was a lot of fun and I was happy we got to see each other again ^-^”

[taken from my tumblr]


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