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Trip 5: Update 2

(these updates are taken off of my tumblr, which I wrote during the trip that just passed ^-^)

Day 4: So as planned, Ger and I did some Christmas shopping ^-^

So as planned, Ger and I did some Christmas shopping ^-^

We went to Michael’s and bought my mom some stuff for her scrapbooking, went to LCBO to get some wine for Ger’s mom and my step mom and tomorrow we’ll hopefully get the rest of our shopping done.

Besides that, we didn’t do much besides cuddle on the couch like lazy bugs and watch Community.

We made an amaaazing dinner of sauted muchrooms, sweet pepper and onions with some rice and other veggies. But to top off our healthyish meal, we covered bananas in chocolate and froze them.. and ate them… heh.

We both have a bad habit of being like “you know what would taste good.” and then actually doing it because we’re less lazy when we’re together LOL.

TOMORROWWWW I get to hang out with two LDRBN members, Marissa and DJ. So excited to see them ^-^ It’ll be their first time meeting Gerald so I’m also excited to show him off haha. We’re just going to be exploring Toronto together.. hopefully go to the Christmas Market and take some cheesy pictures.

Day 5-6: 

Yesterday was a lot of fun! Despite the other members of LDRBN not being able to get together because of the shitty Canadian weather, Ger and I still went downtown to the Toronto Christmas Market!

We stopped at the Kensington market to get some amaaaazing coffee. There’s a little shop that has every coffee you could imagine. I tried a vanilla hazelnut coffee and Ger tried a gingerbread flavour. Both were delicious. Not to mention they kept us warm. It was FREEZING. As we were walking out a woman reminded me that coffee makes excellent hand warmers hahaha.

After basically winging it to the distillery district, we eventually found the Christmas Market. It was so cute! Twinkling decorations everywhere, workers dressed as elves, little shops with Christmas ornaments, gifts and food..

Ger and I took many cheesy photos. We don’t usually ask people to take our picture but my mom complained we never take pictures of each other hahaha. I’m glad we did! Maybe we’ll make it a habit.

Later we went out for sushi and walked around the Eaton centre before heading home.

You’d think that would be all but nope. We caught an 11:30pm show for the new star wars in these awesome vibrating and moving seats in ULTRA AVX. Was really fun actually haha. I’d try it out if you never have!

Today we didn’t do much. We cooked and hung around in bed with my kitty. Last night was so busy so we wanted to chill out today 🙂


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