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Trip 5: Update 1

(Post from my Tumblr on the 3rd day of our trip together)

December 17th, 2015

“I can’t believe Ger has already been here 3 days! This trip is going by waaaayyy too quickly.

We haven’t been up to much. I wrote exams the first 2 days he was here so he was locked away in the basement while I studied.

Today, my first free day in the real world, we went to hang out with his friend, Kurt (despite the fact I couldn’t bend my head beyond 20 degrees LOL.. fml). We went out for dinner and watched The Martian, which was a reaaaallly good movie. But I’m sure if you know a lot about space and physics, it would have been annoying. I doubt it was the most accurate of movies.

Tomorrow Ger and I plan to get some Christmas shopping done & I hope to catch up on some of my missed Blogmas posts.

My new cat, Kiari, is absolutely obsessed with Gerald. She seems to be more inclined to males than females. I wonder if she had a bad relationship with one of her female foster parents? Anyways it’s super adorable and I am happy they get along. I was worried she’d be too scared to approach him.

Also, thank you Gerbear for taking care of me since this morning I was basically in tears since my neck hurt so bad. Thanks for doing every little dumb thing I asked of you and for putting up with my nonsense. ^-^”



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