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Blogmas #8

As much as I wish I had millions of dollars to help all of my LDR fam see each other for the holidays, I’m not that lucky. But don’t fret because Christmas can be just as fun over Skype!

Or FaceTime. Or whatever you use. I should REALLY have titled this post: how to celebrate the holidays through video chat. Hahaha. OH WELL. ^-^

So I figure a bunch of us have family obligations on the 24th & 25th. How the heck are you going to find time for your partner if you’re surrounded by family?

#1: Snapchat

Snapchat has an amazing ability to make you feel like you’re there. You get to see things through video rather than just pictures, which makes things more personal. Snapchat each other  your family, the food, and whatever you feel they’d love to be a part of.

#2: FaceTime/Skype

If you have data or wifi, this is a no-brainer. Call your partner up and include them in the fun for little bursts of time. You could talk to each other, show each other around, talk to family members, etc. It’ll be like they are really there, even when they’re not. Make sure to open each others presents together!! & if the fam makes comments about walking around on video chat, ignore them. Don’t let the oldies  be party poopers.

#3: Have a small, personal party.

If you aren’t celebrating with your family, just stay at home and plan a cute little party with your partner. Cook dinner together over video chat, wear ugly sweaters and open the presents you got each other. You can even watch a bunch of cheesy Christmas movies.

#4: Join the party.

If you or your partner don’t have plans, but one of you do, you can totally include them in the fun through video chat on your phone. You don’t have to stay on the entire time, but it’s nice to be included and feel like you’re doing something together.

#5: Be grateful

At the end of the day, be grateful that you have each other and can spend the holidays together, no matter how you end up doing it. Wear goofy hats, sing holiday songs, watch cheesy movies and include each other as much as you can this upcoming weekend. It’s the thought that counts.


Christmas is THIS WEEKEND! WHAT?! Where the heck did the time go!? Are you guys as excited as I am?? I hope you get to spend it with the love of your life, but if not, enjoy your time apart, together. ^-^ & remember to focus on your other loved ones, too! ❤


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