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Blogmas #7

I’m going to keep this post nice and short since Ger is with me right now 🙂 & who wants to read a reeaaaalllyy long wall of text anyways, on tumblr?

So today, on the 7th day of Blogmas I present to you: the perfect gift-giving formula. 

I get asked A LOT about what to get your SO, and I’ve provided cheesy gift ideas on other days of blogmas in response. But to make things a whole lot more personal, here are a few tips.

#1: Make things PERSONAL.

If there is an opportunity to personalize something, do it. It makes it a little more special. Also, make sure to consider who they are as a person, which leads me to tip #2.

#2: Consider their hobbies.

What is something they like? Movies? Trivia? Gaming? Dancing? Sports? Cooking? Picking a category of stuff to choose from can really narrow down what would be perfect to get them.

#3: What do they NEED?

So last year, Ger’s headset broke so I bought him a new one for Christmas. It’s important to consider things that your partner may need so that they’ll really appreciate and get a lot of use out of the gift.

#4: Would they use it?

This is important! Of course buying Ger a snowman onesie would be amazing and hilarious, but he doesn’t need it and wouldn’t wouldn’t use it. So instead, I got him something I knew he’ll use literally every single day related to his gaming hobby.

#5: Could you DIY?

If you’re on a budget, this is the most thoughtful way to turn up with a gift. I find browsing through Pinterest is the best way to inspire me for some cute, DIY gifts. You could personalize mugs, make a shadowbox of plane/train/transit tickets (or tickets for just about anything) you’ve collected for them to hang up on their wall as a cheesy reminder of all the things you’ve done together, maybe even frame a picture. It’s the thought that counts!

#6: Maybe instead of a gift, do something together.

If your partner is SUPER into musical theatre, maybe get them tickets to a show instead of a gift. Sometimes experiences are more valuable than material things.

#7: Can you ship that?

If you can’t physically see each other this Christmas, make sure to keep in mind whether you can ship it to them or not. I’ve run into a few times where a certain item wouldn’t cross the border.

#8: If all else fails, just ASK.

Every year I straight up ask Gerald what he wants. Sometimes he’ll come up with an answer, sometimes he won’t haha. But it’s worth asking if you literally have no idea.


Good luck everyone! ^-^ ❤ At the end of the day, they will love whatever you get them.


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