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Blogmas #6

Of course, it is impossible to write a post about absolutely everything I am thankful for, but I’d like to name a few in the spirit of the holidays.

About a year and a half ago I started this blog in order to preserve many of the memories Ger and I make together, but I also started the blog for the intention of helping other people see how beautiful long distance relationships can be.

Since then, I have answered hundreds of LDR questions, and even non-LDR related questions. I am so humbled that some of you go out of your way to write to me for advice, valuing my opinion to help guide your decisions. I am in no way an expert in relationships. I’ve made many of my own mistakes. But it makes me feel really special that there are people all over the world that want to listen to what I have to say.

You guys have given me a voice and I couldn’t thank you enough.

I hope by letting you into my life, always being open and putting aside all judgements, you guys feel as close to me as I feel to you. I am always here to support you when you need me.

On top of my love for you all, I’d like to thank the friends I have made in LDRBN. Through the long distance relationship blogging network, created by LDR Magazine, I have found endless ways to improve my blog, make my posts more personal, and have made friends that I will cherish forever. I’ve even gotten to meet a few of them in person! These bloggers have supported me through stress and anxiety and I consider them family.

And lastly, I’d like to thank my Floridaman, Gerald. I am thankful to have such a patient, understanding, outgoing, handsome weirdo in my life. I couldn’t imagine a more perfect human being to share my life with. Thank you, Gerald, for making this long distance relationship easy. You make the hundreds of days a year we spend apart worth every second. I love you.

( I am also thankful for family, my friends irl, my health, my nursing degree, coffee that keeps me up at 5am when I wake up for clinical placements, cat videos on youtube, abed from community channel, electrically heated blankies, my bright, green-ass car, fuzzy socks, restaurants that give you lollipops, perfect pours of beer that have minimal froth, and people that are shorter than me [which is basically really rare…])

With all the love I can muster,


Inspired by LDRBN prompt: Thankful


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