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Blogmas Day 2

On the second day of Blogmas my true love (Tammy, of course) gave to me, gift ideas that I seek! (PART ONE)

I’ve been asked probably AT LEAST 100 times since I started my tumblr blog about gift ideas. Here my friends, my LDR famjam, are some of my favourite LDR-related gift ideas I’ve come across.

ADORABLE Customizable Mugs – ~$20

Imagine sipping on this adorable mug together over Skype. Or even better, imagine pulling this mug out years later after you’ve closed the distance.

Customizable Jewellery  – ~$12

This seller allows you to customise the location of the hearts on this cute little charm.

Print It Yourself High-Quality Pictures – Hang it up! ~$20

If you aren’t super tech savy like me when it comes to graphic design, get someone like this wonderful seller to do it for you! There are hundreds of graphic designs (many totally customizable), LDR-related, under $20 and often under $10.

Framed Motivational Quote ~$10

If you are ALL about that tumblr aesthetic, this is for you. All you need is some fairy nights to make this look awesome on your wall or leaning on your dresser.

I hope you guys check out these super cute products! Whether it’s for your partner or you casually link your partner and be like “Hey I like this and it would look amazing in my house” very subtly but not so subtly if you’re like me LOL, then these are perfect and affordable.

I’ll be posting another post like this one with more unisex friendly products and then a third one with more male friendly throughout blogmas. ^-^

Happy Holidays everyone!!!!


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