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How To: Cope With Missing You (Pt. 1)

Skype as often as possible. 

It is SO utterly important to put aside time once a day (depending on circumstances) to Skype or FaceTime each other. Being able to see each other via webcam makes a massive difference and can help the two of you feel closer to each other- and maybe even forget the distance for a little while! (beingnakediscertainlydistracting, amIright?)

Have an end goal in sight & daydream.

Plan, plan, plan! Having a day that you are going to see each other set in stone, in my experience, is the best way to cope with the distance. That period apart will only get shorter, no matter how long it may seem. Keep looking forward to it, keep planning what you’re going to do together and keep daydreaming. I often find myself smiling when I think of spending Christmas with Ger every year.

Snail mail is NOT a dead art.

There is little better than receiving physical mail, especially in an age where it’s almost obsolete. I always get REALLY excited because it’s a novelty. To think someone took the time to hand-write me a letter, buy a postage stamp and send it to me across thousands of miles. It’s romantic, really. I keep all the letters on my fireplace mantle to look at when I’m down.

Don’t forget about your hobbies.

 If there is a night or even a week where the two of you can’t talk to each other, don’t fret. This is not the end of the world. I know how easy it is to feel like there’s nothing to do when your partner isn’t around, but just remember you are more than your relationship. You have hobbies, things you love and enjoy doing, you have friends and family to enjoy. Live your life to the fullest and missing your significant other won’t seem so unbearable. If you want to game for 12 hours, DO IT. If you love painting, sketching, sewing, swimming, soccer, cooking, do it! You’ll feel happier than just laying in bed. (Although, laying in bed can sometimes be just as good to relax).

Pamper yourself!!

On my especially sad days, I will have a spa day. This is not only advice for my ladies, but also for my male followers. A guy with good skin is sexy, okay? ^-^ Anyways! I will exfoliate my face, put on a nice mask, lay around like a potato boiling in a hot water bath. I’ll watch some Netflix, listen to some music and just relax my soul. Taking care of yourself is rewarding and also a healing experience. I promise you’ll feel a little better.


Remember your first kiss? The first time your spoke to each other? The first time you said I love you?Remember all the little moments that make waiting for each other worth it.

Tens to hundreds of days apart are nothing in the grand scheme of forever. 

Stay strong, munchkins. ❤

(I may or may not be posting a parody of this post so STAY TUNED)

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