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Having a Life While Attending University ?

I often find it REALLY tough to balance school and leisure. I often either spend too much time trying to relax and enjoy myself so I procrastinate or too much time studying, so I burn out. I really wish that it was a skill that I developed while I grew up, but to be quite honest I never really had to try in school until now.

I’ve naturally had good enough grades to do whatever I wanted but now that I’m in school for nursing I actually have to dedicate myself full time to my studies. It’s hard and emotionally draining at times. Sure I know that all I need is a 63 to move on the 3rd year but I couldn’t live with myself only knowing 63% of the content. I wouldn’t feel confident treating a patient, resident or client.

My one friend is a shining example of how having fun and getting good grades is absolutely possible. She goes out every weekend, sometimes during the week, has 2 part time jobs and still manages to have her readings done before class. She really inspires me to work harder and stop procrastinating so that I can have fun and afford a break every weekend.

I think it’s important to have friends in University that motivate you to do better. It shouldn’t be ‘okay’ to slack off when you are paying thousands of dollars and investing in your future. Especially when it’s a profession that is responsible for people’s lives.

I want to do better. I want to be better. I want to be more organized. All of these things will take a little practice but I have to admit that I’m much more organized than last year. Maybe by next semester I’ll have my routine a little more solid.

I was on the ball before my cat died 3 weeks ago. I was in the middle of doing my pathology notes when I heard a knock on the door. Since seeing her lifeless on the sidewalk I’ve been depressed and have gotten really, really sick with the flu and such. I’m getting better though. All I can do is push through.


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